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The Department of Health recommends that, when looking for a hypnotherapist, you consult with someone who is CNHC registered

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Radio Presenter Quits Smoking with Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Assured Effects Hypnotherapy.  We offer clinical hypnosis based in Poole, Bournemouth, and Wimborne in Dorset; and have clinics in South London

Please browse and enjoy the web site as a learning resource as well as somewhere to come for help. It is frequently updated.

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The Bay 102.8 Radio drive time presenter Lisa Rudge visited Andy at Assured Effects a couple of years ago on National No Smoking day to have hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

Watch the video above to hear how the hypnosis session went!

Now over 4 years later she still has no desire to smoke and is happily a non-smoker. Click here to read more

Hypnotherapy can change your life for the better in many ways:

Stopping dependencies and habits
e.g. Smoking, Eating disorders, Nail-biting

Management of stress related disorders

e.g. Phobias, Panic attacks, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Managing personal crises

e.g. Accident/trauma, Bereavement, Redundancy, Divorce, Coping with Illness

Optimising psychological well-being
e.g. Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Achieving personal growth

e.g. Building/rebuilding self-esteem, Resolving relationship difficulties,  Improving sporting performance

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Accreditation

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) was established with government support to regulate complementary therapies including hypnotherapy.  

Their key purpose is to protect the public. The Department of Health has recommended that, where CNHC registers the complementary therapists in question, you consult with someone who is CNHC registered.

Andy Cox -

Membership No:  000137-G12

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Regulation

What the CNHC and National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) advise when choosing a therapist.

A hypnotherapist should be registered with an independent Professional Body, which welcomes hypnotherapists with the right level of training from a range of range of different schools.

The CNCH, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, was set up by the Department of Health in 2010. The Department of Health recommends that you choose a hypnotherapist that is registered with the CNHC.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy, NCH, is the largest not-for profit hypnotherapy Professional Association in the UK and all members registered with the NCH are given the option to join the CNHC.

One drink too many too often?   

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Alcohol

It is estimated that 2.6 million children in the UK are living with parents who are drinking hazardously and 705,000 living with dependent drinkers.

There are an estimated 1.6 million people dependent on alcohol in England.

Many individuals suffer from alcohol dependence and find it hard to acknowledge their problem, and the result is that the addiction remains undetected for many years. But many who accept their problem have controlled their addiction and rebuild their lives with the right help and support.  Often, medication alone is not enough to combat alcohol dependence. Hypnotherapy is very quick treatment and usually only requires just 3 or 4 sessions

Need help? Just call us on 0800 313 4233.

Assured Effects offer a wide range of bespoke and tailor-made hypnotherapy treatment programs to suit all your individual needs. We appreciate that everyone is an individual and we can all encounter different challenges in life at different times and in different ways. Our Treatment Programs are designed with you and agreed by you.  Your health and well being is then a treatment partnership.

At your request we offer a free consultation (up to 20 minutes).  We will invite you to talk openly and confidentially to us about all your symptoms or issues and what help you require. We can then start to draw up a treatment plan, and we can provisionally suggest how many sessions would be required and the cost of the treatment.

You can contact Assured Effects by phoning us or completing the contact form above. Telephone 0800 313 4233.

Normal Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays. The phone will still be answered up until 8:00 pm each evening and between 09.00 am and 05:00 pm on Saturdays.

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Sports Performance

Weight Control


Stop Smoking

Gastric Band

Nail Biting


Panic Attacks

Welcome - It’s time for change ....

Problems losing weight? - Sleep on it!

The BBC reported recently that scientists in the US have found that in order to combat obesity we should manage our sleep and stress levels. The study of 472 obese people over a six month period showed people were less likely to lose weight if they got too little or too much sleep.

And the advice by a UK sleep expert is people need to eat less, move more and sleep well to have a healthier life.

Insomnia - Assured Effects HypnotherapyThe size of the problem is that around 25% of adults in the UK are clinically obese (having a Body Mass Index greater than 30).

Andy Cox, clinical hypnotherapist a in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset said “The connection between sleep, stress and weight loss is very well known. If we suffer from stress our sleep naturally suffers. When we are tired we boost our energy by snacking and over-eating. We also use treats such as chocolate and cake to combat stress and anxiety in a hope that they will make us feel better. And of course then when we put on weight we lower our self esteem, increase our stress and then our sleep suffers more. Also being overweight can have a detrimental effect on our sleeping patterns so it is a vicious circle”

“The good news is that hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective in stress reduction, weight loss and combating insomnia. This all helps to make us feel a whole lot better about ourselves!”

To find out more contact Andy on 0800 313 4233 or Click here to Contact us NOW!

Choosing the right therapist for you....       

Testimonials - Good morning Andy,

Hypnotherapy in Poole - Testimonial 1Just have to write and tell you that after 23 years of NOT being able to fly after just two sessions with you I have just returned from the most awesome holiday in the algarve. I am a new woman and cannot believe that after weeks of sleepless nights and bouts of pure panic that I would be loving the take off the landing and taking photos of the most beautiful views and fluffy clouds lol. I've just booked the next holiday so once again a massive thank you for setting me free.....Shirley valentine here I come lol.


Testimonials -Hi Andy

Hypnotherapy in Poole - Testimonial 2Thought you might like a little feedback after my gastric band 'op' yesterday.  I ate very little at the party last night and didn't feel any worse for it and had a breakfast of egg and mushrooms this morning.  The interesting bit was I gave myself a small prawn cocktail and crackers at lunch which was lovely until I ate a handful of nuts afterwards. Now I feel overly full and a little sick so I won't be doing that again!



What is the hypnotic state?

The hypnotic state is a very natural state of physical relaxation with heightened mental awareness.

We go into different states of consciousness all day long, and often enter a hypnotic trance state when wide awake, doing something boring and “switching off” or watching TV and suddenly the programme has ended. We all can regularly go into “hypnosis”

How does hypnotherapy work?

Our waking patterns of behaviour are based on associations we have made from our thoughts to our emotions. Certain thoughts trigger certain emotions, and likewise, certain emotions can trigger certain thoughts.

Within hypnosis, you learn to tune into your feelings and link your thoughts with your feelings, and then learn to be more perceptive in your conscious waking state when a certain feeling or thought arises. In this manner, merely by recognizing the connection of the thought and emotion, you are stopping the automatic, or trigger reaction. This is essential when dealing with behavioural changes.

 What is hypnotherapy?   

Addictions, Allergies, Anger/Temper, Asthma, Bed wetting, Bereavement, Blushing, Childhood trauma, Concentration, Confidence, Constant tiredness, Depression, Dental fears, Eating Problems, Eczema, Examination Nerves, Effective Learning/Memory, Erectile Dysfunction,  Exam Nerves, Executive Stress, Goal Accomplishment, Golf Improvement, Grief, Guilt Release, Habits, Inferiority, Insomnia, Irritability, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine, Motivation, Nail Biting, Natural Childbirth, Nervousness, Nightmares, Obsessive Compulsions, Lack of sexual drive, Pain Relief, Panic Attacks, Performance Nerves, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psoriasis, Public Speaking, Relationships, Relaxation, Sales Performance, Self Esteem, Shyness, Skin Disorders, Sleep Problems, Sports Performance, Smoking Cessation, Stage Fright, Stammering, Tinnitus, Travel Fright, Ulcers, Weight Management, Work Performance

Hypnotherapy can help with:  

Broadstone, Poole, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne Minster, Merley, Oakdale, Creekmoor, Upton, Hamworthy, Parkstone, Sandbanks, Westbourne, Branksome, Bournemouth, Boscombe, Southbourne, Christchurch, Dorchester, Wareham, Lulworth, Swanage, Weymouth, Shaftesbury, Charmouth, Blandford Forum, Studland, and Corfe Castle.

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