An addiction is a damaging attachment to an activity, behaviour, or substance. It can become obsessive , even compulsive, and is thus deemed uncontrollable by the individual. It most often leads to damaging outcomes.

Addictions are very different from everyday habits in that the person suffering is compelled to follow a behaviour which is destructive. Addictions also differ very much from dependencies in that addictions are for the most part psychological not physiological therefore treatment by hypnosis is a very powerful remedy.


Addiction - Symptoms and effects   

Hypnotherapy for addiction enables the client to gain control again. Addicts will often feel that they're out of control so the primary role of treatment is to enable the client to feel empowered again.

Hypnotherapy for addiction works by reprogramming the subconscious mind to change behaviours. This means changing the belief system and changing habits.  In effect the client has a new lifestyle.

Work is also done on setting realistic targets and goals, as well as enabling the subconscious mind to take on a positive attitude the will to succeed.  The work can normally be done in just a few one hour sessions.

Addiction - How hypnotherapy can help

Changed my gambling habit. I have not gambled at all. I not thinking about gambling at all.


I look at people smoking with a kind of disdain. I have nothing against them as people but I don't understand why they want to hold that thing between their fingers.


Is it just a habit, a dependency or am I an addict?

Addictions are rather dissimilar to day to day habits because the individual struggling with addiction is compelled to carry out a behaviour that could be damaging. Addictions likewise stand apart a great deal from dependencies as addictions are predominantly psychological not physiological, subsequently therapy by hypnosis is an especially effective solution.

Addictions can range from Internet use to shopping, from alcohol to pornography

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Symptoms of addiction can vary greatly but they generally include:

It is not uncommon for addicts to feel alone, isolated and outside of society.  Mood swings are common and an underlying depression is often prevalent resulting in poor self-esteem

Work and college performance are sometimes adversely effected due to withdrawal or pre-occupation, lack of energy and loss of confidence.

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