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What is self confidence? Self confidence is a feeling of trust in ones judgment, qualities and abilities. A positive aspect of such feeling is not just believing in yourself but more of being contented with what you have. It also means that you have respect for yourself and you have the ability to take all the risks in your life while keeping your feet on the ground.  

For many people, poor self-esteem and self confidence go hand and hand and serves as troublesome adversaries that we need to conquer

There are instances where you try to focus more on the things that you have done badly in the past and completely overlook the things that you have done well.   Lack of self-esteem and confidence may give you bad habits. You may encounter trouble and conflicts in improving the quality of your life, you may build up different types of fears and phobias and may  lead you to take the wrong path. This is the reason why you need to increase the level of your self-confidence since this will greatly help you in increasing the quality of your life. The goal of hypnotherapy is to prevent your mind from thinking of the worst scenarios, events and behaviours and avoid negative thoughts ruling your mind.  This will allow you to have strong and positive thought processes.

Self-esteem s governed and shaped by what people think or say about us or what we believe they think about us!  It is also shaped about what we say and think about ourselves (our own internal dialogue).  If we believe negative comments about us this affects our self esteem at a subconscious level. If we think badly about ourselves then again we feel worthless.  We talked about self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-confidence.  


Self-esteem: Self-esteem refers to general feelings of self-worth or self-value.


Self-efficacy: Self-efficacy is belief in one's capacity to succeed at tasks.  General self-efficacy is belief in one's general capacity to handle tasks.  Specific self-efficacy refers to beliefs about one's ability to perform specific tasks (e.g., Sports performance, driving, public speaking, studying, etc.)


Self-confidence: Self-confidence refers to belief in one's personal worth and likelihood of succeeding.  Self-confidence is a combination of self-esteem and general self-efficacy.

Self Confidence - some definitions!

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Confidence - How hypnotherapy can help   

Hypnotherapy for confidence in Dorset

So how do you fix low level of self-confidence? How are you going to build up your confidence in a certain level that will allow you to be ready and alert  to face the world? Hypnotherapy is an effective remedy that makes use of hypnosis to refresh and completely re-work your attitudes and behaviours.

Hypnosis is a state of complete deep relaxation as well as focused awareness.  Hypnotherapy teaches us how to become more positive about ourselves and works towards creating a better and more impressive self image. This is through training our subconscious mind to throw away the negative feelings and thoughts that our minds are formulating.  It also helps with positive reinforcements and suggestions.

Undergoing hypnosis sessions over a few short weeks with our professional hypnotherapists in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset,  you will immediately see a big difference. You will be more relaxed and calm, at the same time ready to tackle the world with great level of self-confidence. With hypnotherapy, you are assured that your self-confidence as well as self-esteem will be boosted instantly and  that will create immense opportunities in your life.

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