Gastric Band

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Gastic band surgery is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of your stomach by fitting an adjustable band positioned round the upper part of the stomach.  The effect of this is to  produce a small pouch which limits the amount of food that can be consumed at any one time. This means that you eat less and get full quicker.

Using  hypnotherapy we can convince the subconscious mind that a  gastric band has been fitted and achieve the same effect where the stomach will inform the brain that it is full with smaller portions of food and in shorter space of time. And without the need for surgery.

Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy convinces the  subconscious mind that a gastric band operation has been performed and a gastric band is in place. This has the effect that the mind believes that there is a significant reduction in stomach capacity. Under these conditions the body copes better with hunger and has the “full” signal when only a small proportion of a large meal is eaten.  

Coupled with virtual gastric band hypnotherapy is the need to change our beliefs about eating, our relationship with food and our desire to exercise.

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Gastric band surgery involves invasive surgery and can lead to the following problems:  

During hypnosis our subconscious mind cannot easily distinguish between real and imaginary and as such the virtual gastric band surgical procedure can be accepted as real whilst our mind and body remains in a relaxed and fear-free state.

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