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A study has revealed that anxiety and depression, resulting from childhood bullying, lessens as time passes, suggesting that children are capable of recovery. 

The research of 11, 000 twins aged 11, 14 and 16 learnt that associations between bullying and mental health were evident. It was discovered that anxiety issues that occur as a result of bullying were still present two years on but faded after five years.   It also noted that reducing the consequences of bullying in schools was key to recovery. 

Psychiatrists stated bullying could have significant impact on young people's mental well-being for a very long time and claimed the results revealed the potential for resilience in children subjected to bullying thus eliminating long term consequences.  However, they reported bullying was only partly to blame for the mental health issues experienced by bullied children but nevertheless still lead to anxiety, depression, hyperactivity or behavioural difficulties of some kind.

Despite the fact that the effects of these conditions reduced over time, 16-year-olds who had been bullied at the age of 11 were still more prone, compared to those who had not, to experiencing paranoid thoughts along with a tendency for their thoughts to end up being derailed, the research claimed. 

None the less, these findings provided a message of hope.  Bullying definitely results in suffering, but the effect on mental health lessens eventually, which means that children have the ability recover in time.  However, more is needed to be done to support children who were bullied and in distress.


In conjunction with interventions geared toward preventing bullying, more should be done to support children who have been bullied by encouraging resilience processes on their road to recovery.  The study demonstrated the value of continuing support to mental health care for children as well as adolescents.  There were various explanations why young people developed mental health issues, of which schools had a part to play. 

The good news is the fact that some young people will eventually overcome their problems.  It is essential, however, that schools provide whole-school bullying methods to facilitate tackling this problem, as well as the delivery of adequate and appropriate mental health services to assist young people when they are in distress.  Children and adolescents really need access to specialist mental health professions who will be able to offer the appropriate services to serve their particular needs.

Unfortunately, the specialist mental health services are struggling to meet the demands of young people who are struggling but here at Assured Effects, we successfully address all these issues, and more, using hypnotherapy…and no waiting lists!  Andy Cox specialises in paediatric hypnotherapy and is the only registered specialist paediatric hypnotherapist in Dorset.

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