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If you smoke, you're going to be well aware of the health benefits of quitting, but are you fully aware of the difference that giving up smoking can make to your finances?

Don't underestimate the financial benefit of giving up cigarettes; quitting smoking will save you money, and lots of it!

If you're struggling to find the motivation to stop, then looking at the amount of money you could save should really help.

If you needed any more convincing just look at the science - recent research has shown that your chance of successfully changing a health-related behaviour increases by 50% if there's a financial reward at the end of it.

Apply this logic to smoking and simply putting a price on quitting should help you quit for good.

The good news is that you don't have to go through it alone; there are plenty of places you can go for free support, and the products that make it easier to stop smoking aren't expensive either.

Quitting smoking with Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

How much will you save on cigarettes

The average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes is currently £7.98, according to the charity Action on Smoking and Health.

This means smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs you around £2,900 a year!

If you think that's expensive it's only set to rise further with increased duty on tobacco.

The British Heart Foundation website has a useful tool that lets you calculate how much money you could save if you quit smoking. Just enter the number of cigarettes you smoke to see how much better off you would be each week, month and year.

Put a price on your habit then think about what else you could spend this extra money on. Then when you're tempted to reach for a cigarette, just focus on this instead and hopefully it'll help you resist.

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy in Poole

Other ways you'll save by quitting

Aside from the actual savings you'll make by not buying cigarettes, stopping smoking will save you money in other ways too.

Cheaper insurance

When you don't smoke life insurance is cheaper; your premiums could drop by as much as 50% once you have been smoke free for 12 months, for exactly the same amount of cover.

Once you're officially a non-smoke everything from your private healthcare insurance to income protection cover and even your home and car insurance could be much cheaper - all because you'll be treated as a lower risk.

When you successfully quit, let your insurance providers know this to start enjoying the benefits of reduced premiums. When you'll be classed as a non-smoker will differ from insurer to insurer (it could be right away, it could be 3 years smoke-free) but the sooner you tell them, the sooner you'll have the added incentive to stick with it.

Better health = less time off work

Once you quit smoking you should feel healthier and be less likely to take time off work. This will have a positive impact on your income, particularly if you are self-employed.

Quitting smoking before it causes you serious health problems that impact your earnings is another financial motivator to kick your habit.

What about the cost of quitting smoking?

If you're reluctant to try quitting over concerns that the products you'll need to help you quit smoking are pricey - especially if you aren't successful - this needn't be a worry. Some quit smoking aids are available free of charge and for those that you pay for, it still works out a lot cheaper than paying for cigarettes each week.

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Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole. Bournemouth and Wimborne said “Hypnosis to stop smoking is a very successful way to beat your habit. In just one 90 minute cessation you can change your habits, beliefs and hence your behaviour from that of a smoker to a non- smoker - easily!”

“Most people believe they are addicted to nicotine - in fact they are addicted to the habit of smoking.  After hypnotherapy there is no more worrying about having the next cigarette, or whether they have enough cigarettes for that evening or the next day.”

“Aside from the obvious money and health benefits most clients report back that the feeling of freedom and control is the most unexpected but delightful benefit.”

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Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get 'Rich' Quick?

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Stopping smoking with Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

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