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Sports Performance - How hypnotherapy can help    

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Sports performance is all about achieving your best consistently in your chosen sport. People who participate in sports or exercise know that excelling in any sporting activity is largely down to physical ability and fitness.  Sports may require great physical strength or agility and others may require endurance and stamina. However to succeed at any sport you require mental focus, motivation and confidence.

Hypnosis continues to lead the way as the best way to help people involved in sport achieve their true potential. Using hypnosis within the realms of sports performance can have truly remarkable results in whichever discipline you wish to improve. The biggest thing that hypnosis can combat is sporting anxiety.

   Sporting Anxiety - Symptoms and Effects     

In just a couple of sessions hypnotherapy can help to:

Hi Andy,

I am now back playing darts in my regular league. I am not quite back up to my previous standard yet but I am working my way there. I reached a cup final in my first season back and managed to avoid relegation after a tough start to the season. I still use the techniques now from the audio downloads. They help to relax, unwind and refreshen my confidence in my ability during times I am not playing at my best.


Sporting Anxiety can manifest itself in many forms and can quite often be the 'rate limiting step' to allowing your performance to be at it's peak. Key to sports performance, anxiety can give someone a sense of 'being held back' and can create a negative thought pattern which convinces the competitor that they are inferior and will never reach their goal.

The conscious mind decides to initiate a non-impulsive muscular movement whereas the subconscious mind controls the actual muscular movements. When we decide to hit a golf ball holding a golf club the decision to hit the ball is conscious  but our subconscious mind is the actual part that does the "hitting”.

The golf swing requires millions of nerve impulses to fire and stimulate our muscles to move. This takes place within fractions of a second.  It is our subconscious mind that processes sensory information such as the position of the ball, how hard to hit it, the direction of the wind, etc.  Anxiety can negatively interrupt these conscious and subconscious processes.  If you tell yourself you are going to “slice” the ball - the chances are you will!

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