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Good Night, Sleep Tight, Have You’ve Had Your Meds Tonight?

by Andy Cox

A staggering one in ten people in the UK take medication to help them sleep; research released this week has shown.

The survey by the University of Surrey analysed the sleeping habits of 14,000 households and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Also a mass of data was collected from a study of 40,000 UK families’ sleep data over many years.,

So what did the study conclude other than 10% of us rely on medication to help us sleep. Well it also showed that one in eight people get less than six hours' sleep a night. And this goes against experts’ advice that a good night's sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Bournemouth and BalhamThe survey also showed there is a difference in sleep patterns between genders. Women are less likely to drop off to sleep within the first half an hour than men - 24% compared to 18%. To balance things out 30% of men said that snoring or coughing disturbs their sleep - compared to 20% of women.

And age makes things worse! The survey showed that 25% of women over 85 took medication to help them get to sleep on three or more nights a week, compared to 15% of men.

It’s okay quoting these statistics but does it help us understand the causes? Well the study established the link between work and sleep patterns. Unsurprisingly, it showed that job satisfaction affects the quality of sleep - 33% of dissatisfied employees slept poorly, compared to just 18% of satisfied employees. If you are unemployed you are over 40% more likely to have difficulty staying asleep than those working.

Can hypnotherapy help? Andy Cox, hypnotherapist at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth, Dorset and Balham, London is convinced the answer is yes! He explains “We are all born with the natural ability to fall asleep easily. By teaching you relaxation techniques to help your mind slow down at the end of each day, hypnotherapy can seek out and address the root cause of your sleeping problems.”

“Hypnotherapy can also teach self-hypnosis techniques to improve your ability to relax, reduce anxious thoughts, and prepare your body for sleep. In most cases insomnia can be viewed as a bad habit. Like all bad habits, with the help of hypnotherapy it can be unlearned and replaced by a good habit such as falling asleep easily and enjoying a good night's sleep every night.”

To find out more contact Andy on 07951 159111 or Click here to Contact us NOW!

Open Your Eyes - This Is Going to Hurt         

By Andy Cox

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Bournemouth and BalhamOuch!  That hurt!  But if it will hurt less if you look at!  That’s the amazing finding of Patrick Haggard at University College London.  When you knock your elbow, graze your knee, bruise your finger, or - wait for it - even have an injection, if you look at the site of the pain it will hurt less.

This unlikely finding will turn traditional advice on its head. And what’s more the harder you stare at the affected area, the more your mind is capable of turning down or reducing the feeling of pain. The good news continues - if you magnify the image of the site of the pain then this has the effect of reducing the feeling of pain still further.

This has marked implications on the traditional advice given to patients “to look away” when they need an injection.  But for those of you who still don’t feel brave enough to look at the needle then the advice is to view a thing of beauty such a picture of a loved one or a favourite scene, as this will have a pain reducing effect. Distracting or overloading the senses with video games and tasty treats will also help reduce the experience of pain.

The above research helps to support the growing body of knowledge that the power of the mind alone can be the perfect anaesthetic agent.  In hypnosis we can focus the mind to change or modify our feelings on a temporary or permanent basis. For example, hypnotherapy is very successful in dumbing down our “emotional” pain from past events. Equally, it is used very successfully to manage acute “physical” pain situations such as when experiencing dental work, natural birthing, and minor or major surgery.

Andy Cox, clinical hypnotherapist at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole,  Dorset and Balham, London explained “We have known for centuries that the mind has the remarkable ability to control pain.  What I love about this recent research is that it demonstrates we all have this innate ability to turn down our or remove our discomfort, but that few of us choose to use it, and society encourages us not to!  During my hypnotherapy sessions I train my clients to use self-hypnosis and this is instrumental in them controlling both acute and chronic physical pain, and the accompanying anxiety that goes with it.”

OBESITY - 30% rise in hospital admission rates in just one year!

So here’s the bad news. The NHS has released figures this week that show that the number of people admitted to hospital in England for obesity-related reasons rose by more than 30% last year.

Any good news?  Well, NHS statistics also show the increase in obesity rates in adults may be flattening out in recent years. But what the figures don’t show, and it is too early to say, whether obesity rates are likely to decrease.

So what are the figures? The number of bariatric hospital procedures (weight-loss operations) carried out in England rose by 70%, from just over 4,200 in 2008/09 to just over 7,200 in 2009/10.  A staggering 80% of these operations were carried out on women. And this is true pretty well across the board in England although more were carried out in the East Midlands and London than any other regions.

A glimmer of light on the horizon is that the NHS estimates that between 2008 and 2009, the percentage of obese men fell from 24% to 22%, while in women the figure went from 25% to 24%.  But this still means that one in four adults in England is obese. And the health watchdog NICE recently advised that more cases of serious obesity should be treated in hospital putting more burden on the NHS. And this is at a time when hospital admissions topped 10,000 for the first time in the last financial year.

The obvious answer to reducing obesity is to tackle weight control before hospital admission is necessary. Andy Cox clinical hypnotherapist at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset explained how hypnotherapy can help “Using hypnotherapy we can ask the subconscious to modify your lifestyle without undue stresses or distress. Factors such as old behaviours, feelings and emotions, habits and exercise level can be altered during the hypnotic process.  This is achieved through the use of hypnotherapy and teaching self-hypnosis, so that you can continue to succeed for the rest of your life.  If you know what you should be eating and what exercise you should be taking you don't need to be educated on how you should eat and exercise to lose weight.  Hypnotherapy simply removes the subconscious programming getting in the way of your success”.

Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get 'Rich' Quick?

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Young men with eating disorders need help and recognition.

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy News Eating DisordersYoung men with eating disorders are not having the assistance or backup needed due to the sentiments relating to the problem as a "women's illness", suggest researchers.

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Why do young adults find it difficult to sleep?

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy News InsomniaAt least 9 out of 10 youngsters expose their bodies to the blue light from smartphones and tablets, before bedtime, leading to difficulties with sleeping.

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Electronic Cigarettes:

The New Craze That Keeps You Hooked on Nicotine

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How much added sugar do we consume?

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy News On Added SugarTeenagers obtain 40% of their daily added sugar from soft drinks. But how do we know how much added sugar is in food and drink? And what is added sugar?

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E-Cigarettes - The Gateway to Addiction?

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Anxiety from Childhood bullying lessens over time

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy News Anxiety in ChildrenA study has revealed that anxiety and depression, resulting from childhood bullying, lessens as time passes, suggesting that children are capable of recovery. 

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Sharp increase in self-harming among females aged 13 to 16.

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy Teenager Girl Self-harmThere are reports of a sharp increase in self-harming among females aged 13 to 16, according to a study of data examined for almost 17,000 patients from over 600 GP clinics across the UK.

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Childhood obesity sees a  ten-fold increase during the last forty years.

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy News Childhood ObesityThe total amount of obese children and teenagers has risen to 124million worldwide - a ten-fold increase during the last forty years.

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Fear of Flying?

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